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GBS is on it! Our Managed Service clients systems will receive applicable patches to combat Meltdown and Spectre with urgency.
GBS engineers have the Spectre patch ready to deploy – and – the industry is awaiting the Meltdown patch. We anticipate Microsoft will release their patch this coming Tuesday 1/9/18.
If you are not a Managed Service client, and would like to learn more about our Patching Services – Contact GBS today.
Immediately below is the article from
Today Google security blog has posted about the two vulnerabilities that
September 22, 2017

Get to Know GBS Better

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At GBS, our approach and mission are singularly focused – we turn technology into competitive advantage for our clients. It’s that simple. We serve our clients by solving their challenges through the implementation of a suite of technologies that are both business viable and technically sound. What Makes GBS Uniquely Qualified? Knowledge: No other provider has the depth of knowledge, experience and resources across the IT and Digital Landscape. And because of our depth of knowledge, we are leaders in developing innovative solutions to even the most technically challenging business problems. Starting as one of the first to offer Managed

At GBS it’s our mission to drive business results through the engineering and deployment of high-performance technologies. And as specialists in helping B2B companies succeed, we thought this article written by our ShoreTel partner was highly relevant. Watch how a ShoreTel Cloud-based Communications phone system can help you drive results. WRITTEN BY KATIE KREGEL, DIRECTOR, GLOBAL CORPORATE MARKETING / SHORETEL Digital is part of everyday life, which means all companies and industries need to have a digital strategy to remain competitive. Yet, new research from McKinsey shows that B2B companies fall short of B2C companies when it comes to digital

In a recent BBC article, it was highlighted that the personal information of more than 200 million American’s was accidentally left open to the public. The magnitude of the data oversight is significant – involving the possible exposure of nearly 62% of the entire US population’s data, much of it very personal. The size of that breach is 1.1 terabytes of data…that’s a big file! Included in the data are: birthdates, home addresses, telephone numbers, political leanings, suspected religious affiliations, and ethnicities. This data was collected by Deep Root Analytics, a marketing firm whose data is used by political parties

July 19, 2017

Microsoft adds new Office 365 apps for SMBs

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Office 365 is the ideal productivity tool for small- and medium-sized businesses. It’s cost-effective and receives plenty of support and upgrades from Microsoft. During last month’s Inspire conference, they announced even more applications for Office 365 that you will love. Microsoft Connections Email marketing campaigns are a great way to build relationships with contacts and increase sales, but they’re often difficult to manage. With Microsoft Connections, you can easily launch a campaign in minutes using pre-designed templates for newsletters, referrals, and promotions. As you acquire more contacts, Connections allows you to segment your mailing list so you can target different