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THE CHALLENGE: What began as a routine IT project, turned into another shining example of how GBS IT experts deliver proactive support and valued solutions. Our client is one of our Managed IT Services clients, and as part of routine maintenance GBS engineers recognized the need to add port density in two separate switch stacks which are linked together via uplinks. While adding a switch to each stack, faults on the main stack were discovered. A bad stacking module on a switch was the culprit. We were aware that the faulty stacking module was under warranty –  returned it and installed the new module. However, this remedy did not eliminate all system faults. Another switch had a bad Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) module, this particular module in the switch that went out was feeding the first block of 12 ports where all servers were running – and servers don’t require POE modules therefore the issue went unnoticed. This symptom indicated that it was just a matter of time before other parts of the switch began to fail causing an interruption in service and an impact to the business.

GBS SOLUTION: The GBS engineer prevented any network disruption by quickly diagnosing the problems and remedied them with minimal client expense. In this case, the diagnostic network knowledge was the real solution, however, the strength of relationship we have with our IT vendors helped minimize turn-around time for switches under warranty.

VALUE DERIVED: Ponder this – what would have happened if GBS engineers hadn’t been called? Well that’s subjective, but we do know this trickle-down impact of faulty switches and POE modules. As switches fail, available free ports begin to disappear, and if all ports are occupied a business must make hard choices as to what software, what network functionality they want to eliminate…not a very popular, nor business viable option. Additionally, a real potential exists for complete network failure. GBS doesn’t know when or if Barefoot’s network would have been truly jeopardized, but we were able to prevent any degradation of network services for minimal expense.