DE Vroomen Garden Products

THE CHALLENGE: DE Vroomen, a world-wide, leading provider of quality flower bulbs to the Landscape, Retail and Garden Center industry was acquired by a local firm.  With DE Vroomen headquarters based in The Netherlands, the new owner asked GBS to consolidate and migrate the entire network – all servers, including every piece of data from The Netherlands to its new offices here in Greater Cincinnati.

GBS SOLUTION:GBS traveled to The Netherlands to manage all aspects of the network migration. Once in Europe, GBS knew it needed a clear picture of DE Vroomen’s existing network infrastructure. GBS then conducted an intensive series of meetings with the existing administration, their technology partners and all stakeholders. Armed with a thorough understanding of its infrastructure and access to the network, GBS went to work. First, the GBS Europe team of 1, created a back-up of all data and images of the physical servers.

Simultaneous to the work in Europe, GBS engineers were here preparing to receive the external hard-drive housing all De Vroomen company data.
Team GBS US was up to the challenge. Over one weekend, our engineers restored all data and server images, creating a virtual server landscape. The additional challenge wasn’t the technical aspects, nor the weekend deployment mandate – it was the language barrier. All servers were, of course, in the Dutch language. So, GBS engineers used their vast knowledge of server setup to overcome the language barrier and executed flawlessly.

VALUE DERIVED: Our client had the confidence and trust in GBS to send us unaccompanied to Europe to coordinate and execute the migration. At GBS, we believe the trust and confidence bestowed upon us is the highest compliment we could have been paid. And as a lasting testament to the quality of our work, the virtual server landscape built during that weekend in 2009, remain in operation today.