Jet Engine Global Manufacturer

THE CHALLENGE:   GE needed to update a row of old cabinets containing over 6000 live strands of optical cable with new cabinets without causing any downtime.

GBS SOLUTION:   GBS custom designed/built a wood structure that could be positioned in front of a cabinet and connected to the rails of the cabinet.  Once in place, the old cabinet could be cut away in sections while the optical enclosures and patch cords remained in place.  Then the new cabinet was built around the optical enclosures and each enclosure could be moved to the new cabinet rails one at a time

VALUE DERIVED:  GE had been stuck in a really bad spot with thousands of client circuits overloading the capabilities of older cabinets.  GBS was able to design and implement a cost-effective solution to resolve the issue.  Not a single circuit was dropped during the project and GBS went on to be the main provider for both local data centers.