Retirement Community in N.KY. & Cincinnati

THE CHALLENGEOur client had an outdated cabling infrastructure design that included multiple wall mount rack locations throughout each of their facilities. GBS was brought in after the design work on their new building was complete.  The GBS Cabling team had to find a way to deliver the client an updated infrastructure that would serve the facility well into the future, however, adhering to the original design was not a feasible option. The major driver for this re-design was port density in the switches. They were under-utilizing their switches due to the spread out nature of the infrastructure.

 GBS SOLUTION:   Design a new cabling infrastructure layout that serves the entire facility from one centralized location.

 VALUE DERIVEDThrough the new cabling infrastructure design, GBS was able to serve the entire facility from one centrally located, all-encompassing IT room. Switch port utilization was maximized and the total number of switches was minimized.  HVAC and Fire Suppression requirements were also minimized to a single location.  Overall costs of initial installation, as well as future maintenance and upkeep costs were greatly reduced. The GBS designed infrastructure now serves as the signature design for all facilities across the company going forward.