Be a Better Organization by Adding Wireless Presentation – 5 Benefits

Does this scenario sound familiar – You have a high-profile presentation to internal stakeholders, you’ve developed PowerPoint slides and it’s 5 minutes before the meeting. You’ve triple checked your presentation and you’re ready to roll. You get to the conference room and the HDMI cable that was once hanging there is gone. In an instant your disposition goes from, “I’m ready to kick-butt – to – oh no I’m going to look like a fool. Don’t let the absence of a simple, economically priced audio/video option like a Wireless Presentation System continue to cause you and your staff pre-presentation anxiety.  

Of course, a dangling HDMI cable and a quagmire of messy cables are an unsightly distraction from any conference room, but when they contribute to diminished productivity and what may appear as a lack of preparation, professionalism – it’s no joking matter. What’s also no joking matter, is the number of choices on the market. With so many choices with a variety of functionalities – it’s a complicated decision-making process. Identifying the right solution for your organization is challenging, but when chosen and executed properly, Wireless Presentation technology will give your organization the ability to instantly enable a no-hurdles presentation and collaboration environment. With it at-the-ready, your corporate guests can bring their devices from home (BYOD) and enjoy the ability to seamlessly use your existing AV infrastructure. And just think how buttoned-up your board room will look with no visible cables.

5 Benefits of Wireless Presentation Systems:

  1. Optimize Presentations via Team Collaboration
  • Most systems allow multiple people to connect at the same time – giving team members the ability to work together to resolve a task versus the typical presentation delivered from 1 to many.
  1. Improve Perceptions from Visitor & Employees
  • Especially when it comes to business, we all know how true the adage: “Perception is Reality” is in the minds of the beholder. Every day your employees, and the guests invited into your business are constantly making judgements about the services you provide and the quality of your organization. This is tested the most when presenting to a group. Most organizations at this point have invested in an Audio/Video infrastructure – don’t allow a dangling HDMI cord to impact a visitor’s perception – it’s just not worth the risk. Investing a few more dollars in a wireless presentation system will help ensure perceptions are positive, not the other way around.
  1. Free up Meeting Rooms
  • Conference and Board Rooms constantly over-booked? By adding Wireless Presentation your C-Suite will love the ability to host meetings instantly in their offices when a wireless presentation system is paired with a large format monitor/screen.
  1. Ability to Focus on Content, not AV System Connectivity
  • With a wireless presentation system connecting to the AV system is simple. So instead of adding another layer of presentation complexity everyone in the organization will be ready to present, ready to collaborate. GBS prefers wireless presentations systems that allow the presenter the ability to add individuals not within the meeting room to be an active participant in the presentation – further reinforcing focus on content and collaboration.
  1. Build better Collaboration – Wherever, Whenever
  • Gaining the ability to effectively support your organization’s operations is no doubt a key to success. So, whether arming sales teams with wireless presentation systems to be at-the-ready no matter where they are, or the need to support a manufacturing design engineer who needs the ability to easily share his/her designs with clients on the manufacturing line.


Whatever your organization’s mission, the bottom line is this – Wireless Presentation Systems are powerful tools today’s forward-thinking organizations are quickly adopting to give themselves a competitive advantage. These systems are affordable and easily installed by an experienced audio/video integrator, like GBS. Our AV technicians have the training, certifications and product-specific knowledge to help guide the choice and expertly configure and install Wireless Presentation Systems.