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Audio/Video Solutions

We power productive business interactions.

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GBS Thermal Imaging Solutions - Welcome Them Back Safely

Easily deployable cameras provide you with the first line of defense as you return to the workplace.

    Deployable Solutions For:
  • Schools & Government
  • Small Business & Retail
  • Manufacturing & Construction
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We power productive business interactions.

Your business and your needs are unique. It deserves a unique, custom Audio/Visual environment.

GBS provides comprehensive Audio/Video Solutions of all types for business. We will design and implement a complete, converged technology solution and program the system to your needs. Our Audio/Video engineers are at the cutting-edge. We understand how today's audio, video and sound technologies integrate throughout the entire network. So no matter the scale or venue size, we will make the complex simple.

In fact, with the touch of a button you'll have the setup needed for the perfect meeting be it in your boardroom, or auditorium. And with comprehensive Surveillance, Security and Access Control systems that are thoughtfully designed and integrated - your business will have the monitoring and security systems needed to keep your premises and employees safe.

GBS proudly partners with an unparalleled collection of the world’s leading audio/video and security technologies. Access to this breadth of technologies, coupled with highly competent, certified technicians ensures every project has the ideal mix of products and is expertly installed.


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