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Managed IT Services

Cincinnati’s Managed IT Service experts for 25 Years. GBS has been optimizing networks, securing data and solving employees IT-related issues since 1995.

"There is no doubt that the performance of an organization's IT infrastructure is a key linchpin to it's ability to succeed. As an instrument of your success, GBS Managed IT Services will bring it's comprehensive knowlege and experience to bear - helping you acheive network security and dependability."

Gaby Batshoun, President

Key Managed IT Services

24 Hour Infrastructure Monitoring & Reporting
GBS will provide complete visibility into the health and vitality of your network infrastructure including firewalls, routers, switches, wireless controllers, wireless access points and servers. With comprehensive monthly reporting that provide detailed analyses of:
  • Network utilization
  • LAN & WAN connectivity
  • Disk/CPU usage
  • Memory utilization
  • Firmware revisions
  • GBS will monitor and manage client phone systems if the phone system was installed by GBS and has an active manufacture support contract
24 Hour Predictive Failure & Automated Remediation
With state-of-the-art software technology deployed, GBS will provide complete visibility into the health and vitality of your network infrastructure including firewalls, routers, switches, wireless controllers, wireless access points and servers. With comprehensive monthly reporting that provide detailed analyses of:
  • Critical Microsoft Windows® Services Reporting
  • Auto-remediation that fixes problems based on the best available industry knowledge and manufacturer’s recommendations
  • AI-powered software actively scans servers, firewalls and software constantly searching for failures about to happen
Workstation Monitoring & Reporting
Workstation health is continuously monitored and their status is detailed within monthly reports that include:
  • Disk/CPU usage
  • Memory utilization
  • Failures and Errors
  • Full visibility is provided through monthly reports
  • Patching
  • Software Inventory and Alerts
  • New Device Detection
Windows® Patch Management & Reporting
Robust automated patch management gives you peace-of-mind that all Windows servers and workstations are up to date. Reporting can be automated or on-demand.
Asset Reporting Hardware/Software
GBS engineers will run a comprehensive inventory and report on the current status of your network devices. This report will be provided during the IT Planning Review. Detailed included but not limited to:
  • Operating System
  • Hardware Age
  • Patch Status
Endpoint Protection & Reporting
GBS will provide Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection for all windows servers and Windows and Mac workstations. Reporting can be automated or on-demand.
Unlimited Helpdesk End-User Support
Our comprehensive IT support include but not limited to:
  • Trouble shooting workstations OS/ applications/ drivers which includes printer set-up and trouble-shooting and USB-attached devices and wireless attached devices
  • Creating user accounts, profiles and associate users to the proper security groups
  • Create / deactivate domain users
  • Password resets
GBS Helpdesk is staffed 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, excluding major holidays.
Microsoft 365® Support & Management
Contrary to popular belief, Office 365 absolutely needs to be backed up. Yes, the software comes with basic protections only. GBS highly recommends and has deep experience deploying top Office 365 protection services. Our engineers know how to stop email-borne threats before they hit your mail server. We integrate these services to provide the additional protection needed to deliver significant time and convenience enhancements if recovery becomes necessary.
Client Application/SaaS Support & Management
As reliance on business applications continues to rise, so does an organizations exposure to risk. GBS ensures all applications are fully patched and updated to reduce this risk.

Our technicians have a strong, working knowledge to support the applications and the platforms they run on. Additionally, we manage your application licensing and inventory of all applications and software.

*Client applications must have active licenses and current subscriptions
Cloud Services Management
Our team of cloud engineers are dedicated to understanding and implementing cloud-based technologies. With in-house AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google expertise, we know the intricacies involved in cloud technologies and how to cost effectively optimize them to benefit your organization. Services include:
  • Domain Consolidation
  • Doman & DNS Management
  • Backup & Storage
  • Web Applications
  • Server & Virtual Desktop
  • Website Hosting
    Backup Maintenance & Integrity Checks
    Knowing that your organization’s data is automatically backed up per your predetermined retention period is another reassurance that your network is being proactively managed. The Backup Maintenance & Integrity Checks includes:
    • Automated scheduled backups and retention
    • Routine backup integrity test and restore per predetermined schedule
    • Maintain compliance through encrypted data backups (when required).
    In the event an issue is found, a support ticket is immediately generated to ensure the issue is quickly addressed and solved.
    Anti-Phishing Campaign Management*
    Phishing Facts: Responsible for $12B lost, with 91% of successful cyberattacks begin with a Phishing email.*

    Proactively test, educate and train your employees how to effectively recognize and not fall for phishing attacks. Your organization’s susceptibility rests in the hands and minds of each employee. It is critical to proactively raise the level of internal awareness of Phishing and proactively educate employees on how to recognize and stay clear of an attack email.

    We partner with patented, top technology providers like Barracuda and KnowBe4 to ensure the latest Ai-enabled software is being deployed.

    GBS IT trained technicians will develop, coordinate and execute sophisticated anti-Phishing campaigns. Post-test metrics and reports and consulting included.

    *Requires active Spear Phishing subscription

    **Per and Trend Micro study
    Disaster Recovery Management
    Disaster Recovery is the process that manages and specifies how an organization will react and recover from a loss of data or access to its data and compute power. A key component of a complete DR Plan is to have a fully mirrored recovery site that is either cloud or premise-based that enables an organization to seamlessly get back-to-business without significant delay and/or loss of data.

    Effective reestablishment of full operation with access to all applications and data after an outage requires a process-driven plan with deep familiarity and knowledge of the backup system and how it has been built.

    GBS DR Management includes documentation of the processes to address comprehensive back-up in the cloud or via an on-premises solution. Our DR Management establishes redundancies and strongly encourages air-gap protection processes.
    Firewall Threat Status Reporting
    Deliverables include:
    • Generalized reporting for regulatory compliance
    • Aggregated “big picture” view of network activity pinpointing top threats
    • Trends, Active policies
    • Traffic patterns
    • Correlated views of top users and applications
    *Requires a supported firewall with proper software enabling reporting capabilities.
    Mobile Device Management & Protection (MDM)*
    Protect company data based on your organization’s policies and/or regulatory compliance requirements on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
    • Cloud-based content filtering
    • Pin requirements to login to devices
    *Requires registration and consent
    Network Security Policy Review
    GBS will meet with you once annually to thoroughly assess and update the policies based on industry standards and best practices that keep your IT infrastructure secure.

    During the Network Security Policy Review, the following topics will be addressed (where applicable):
    • Firewall policy
    • Business Continuity policies
    • Active Directory policies
    • Acceptable Use policy
    Infrastructure Remote Support
    A GBS technician will remotely identify and resolve infrastructure areas of concern including:
    • Verification of all patches and software updates have been completed. If not, remedy by installing proper patches
    • Server health check, domain controller & DNS operation
    • Review security policies and user rights
    • Ensure network equipment and security appliances are running on proper firmware and software version
    • Ensure latest version of endpoint protection is running properly
    • Verify network connectivity and the overall network health to ensure no comprises exist
    • Wireless Network functionality health check
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Provides a comprehensive vulnerability analysis report that includes recommendations to remediate vulnerabilities.

    *Requires deployment of GBS vulnerability scanning appliance
    GBS On-Site
    While onsite, the GBS Engineer’s primary focus is on your network infrastructure. Time permitting, all unresolved support tickets will be addressed.
    IT Planning Review
    Through our consultative approach, we proactively partner with clients to develop your annual IT Strategic Plan and its accompanying budget. During the IT Planning Review, the primary topics will be defined:
    • Network Diagnostic Report Review
    • Discuss/Define IT Strategies & Options to achieve
      • Infrastructure option study (on-prem vs cloud)
      • Deployment plan
      • Discuss & finalize plan for best options for return-on-investment
    • Develop, establish IT Project Prioritization
    • Budget and initial development of Project Scope & Phases
    • Define and reassess (if necessary) Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms

    What Our Clients Say:

    “Technology is so important to what we do. You don’t see a great deal of it as you walk through our galleries, but everything we do here has some sort of technological aspect to it. From our point of sale and ticketing systems, to our specialist databases, GBS our partner has helped make our technology infrastructure so that I can log on to any computer and everything works as I expect, which enables me and the staff to focus on the great work they are doing, connecting our visitors to great art.”

    – Nick DeCourcy

    The Taft Art Museum Director of Operations & Visitor Experience

    Why Work With Us

    • Objective & vendor agnostic to evaluate multiple security options
    • Will learn your business structure and goals
    • Will understand your IT infrastructure and vulnerabilities
    • Will determine the optimal comprehensive security solution
    • Will manage the implemention and support of the selected solution
    • After implementation support including customer service and escalations
    • Be integrated as part of your organization’s ecosystem

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