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Physical Security Solutions

Physical Security Solutions

Let’s face it, our modern-day society is full of external threats from bad actors. You can rest assured that GBS will design, deploy and manage the most sophisticated technologies to harden potential targets and capture/keep the images and information necessary to bring bad actors to justice. Every system our GBS engineers deploy is ready to capture and deliver the information needed when complete situational awareness and immediate response is mandatory.

GBS has been securing the physical premises of Greater Cincinnati businesses, schools, city governments, and regional attractions for decades. And with a team of industry-certified engineers that have over 300 years combined experience, no other technology company in the Tri-State area is more capable of successfully securing your premise and helping mitigate risks.


  • Video Surveillance Systems
    • Video Analytics enhanced with AI provides the ability to turn what once was manual video monitoring into an automated asset making your company faster, smarter than ever before

    • Facial Recognition
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Object Detection
  • Access Control 
    • Facility Security
    • Reporting
    • Scheduling
  • Intrusion Prevention & Monitoring
  • Mass Notification System


Your next security solutions will run on your network infrastructure, so it will be collecting valuable data that can be leverage to help improve internal controls and productivity. GBS has the knowledge and experience that will take the data harvested from your security system and put that data to work – making your organization smarter and more efficient. With this data, GBS can control energy usage based on occupancy loads such as knowing when to raise or lower office temperature based on video surveillance images of parking lot capacity.

With a GBS designed and deployed Physical Security Solution – your organization will be safer, smarter and more efficient.

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