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Skin Temperature Monitoring

Welcome Them Back Safely

With GBS Thermal Imaging Solutions

As we get back to work, we are still at risk of continued interruption of operations due to the spread of infection and disease. Thermal imaging solutions from GBS can help screen for elevated body/skin temperature – a potential sign of infection.

From public spaces such as schools, airports and train terminals to federal buildings, private offices, and factories – deploying thermal imaging solutions for screening provides a more safe and secure environment for all.

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As staff returns, one of the key elements for containing COVID-19 is to monitor the temperature of each employee.

Screen 1 Person at a time, at a distance of 1-2 meters from the camera.
Allow the camera to focus on and mesure the temperature on the face.
Set the alarm to detect elevated temperatures.

Screening Solutions for Every Application.

Schools & Government

Screening solutions provide you with the first line of defense as you return to duty. Fully integrated and scalable solutions provide the confidence needed to maintain force readiness.

Small Business & Retail

Easily deployable handheld and fixed mount cameras allow your business to get safely back to work. Screening for elevated skin temperature can both protect your staff and your customers from potential exposure to infection.

Manufacturing & Construction

From large manufacturing operations to airports and sports arenas, protecting individuals as they pass through these high traffic areas is of the utmost importance.

How to Screen for Elevated Skin Temperature

No-Cost Consultation

The GBS Advantage

When it comes to protecting your front line, not just any thermal camera will do.

It has recently come to light that with the current pandemic some camera manufactures have been making false claims that they are capable of accurately screening for elevated skin temperatures.

GBS Thermal imaging solutions are FDA approved, and ONVIF compliant for specific use in EST screening.

With options for a range of budgets, GBS experts can help you choose the right solution for you unique business situation. Whether you need a temporary/mobile screening check point, or a permanent deployment, we can ensure you can return to the work place with minimal disruption so you and your staff can be sure they are returning to a safe environment.

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