ARK Encounter

THE CHALLENGE:   The Ark is a rare and completely original building.  No pathways existed in the building design for the network, camera system, access control and AV systems.  Cabling and end devices needed to be invisible to the guests.  All pathways had to be carefully thought out and worked through.

GBS SOLUTION:   Design a complete cabling infrastructure with; extremely intricate cable pathways, 24 IT rooms (racks, cabinets, ladder tray, HVAC, gas fire suppression system), optical backbones/splice points, access control system, and a CCTV system (consisting of over 250 cameras) serving multiple buildings and outdoor areas.

VALUE DERIVED:  GBS was able to provide a complete design and perform the installation for this project.  Having a single source capable of the complete design/install process was a great resource for the ARK Encounter.  Not only was a single source extremely helpful from a time standpoint, it was a huge cost saver.