Fitzgerald Pharmacy

THE CHALLENGE: Reliable, uninterrupted Internet connectivity is a mission critical component of any pharmacy’s infrastructure. Constant communication with pharmaceutical-specific cloud-based apps, insurance companies, doctors’ offices and daily end-of-day records transmissions are part of everyday business.

As a pharmacy group with 5 Cincinnati locations, Fitzgerald’s infrastructure houses an active directory server at its main pharmacy. The satellite locations do not have an on-site active directory server. As a result, when the connection with the main site went down, active directory DNS resolution was impossible – effectively shutting down the Internet at all five locations.

GBS SOLUTION: GBS set up a second domain controller in a cloud environment so that when HQ lost connectivity or VPN tunnels weren’t accessible, each remote location could query DNS from the cloud-based domain controller. Additionally, the solution enabled each satellite sites to maintain connection with the server for end-of-day batch transaction data to pass.

VALUE DERIVED: What began as a challenge in internet reliability quickly turned into a significant cost savings and convenience fix. This out-of-the-box solution saved Fitzgerald Pharmacy the cost to purchase, configure, install, and maintain 4 additional servers. The cloud environment is a reliable at comes at a fraction of the cost.