Rest Haven

THE CHALLENGE: Rest Haven Cemetery owned a custom-built application which ran only on Windows XP machines. Additionally, several critical websites and cloud-based software programs the business regularly used required an updated version of Internet Explorer to be installed. However, the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE) was incompatible with Windows XP.

GBS SOLUTION: GBS deployed a Citrix server, as well as the latest updates and patches to IE. By publishing Internet Explorer as an application from Citrix to the client workstations, the IE icon presented itself as the client expected. Upon double-clicking the IE icon, it automatically logged into the Citrix server and launched IE from the server – not from the workstation.

VALUE DERIVED: This innovative solution delivered three primary benefits:
1. Saved our client tens of thousands of dollars by preventing the need to invest in new PC’s.
2. Prevented further investment of time and money to update or replace the proprietary application.
3. Kept Rest Haven Cemetery secure by eliminating the possibility of employees accessing the internet without using IE and its automatic log-in to the secured Citrix Server.

The GBS solution remains intact today.