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Telephony Solutions

Telephony is the integration of communication technologies to help employees do their jobs more effectively.

Effective business phone systems unify interdependent communication tools and directly link them to core business processes and applications. Today, every organization needs a telephony solutions system that connects all team members and serves clients near and far. The days are gone where that system is simply a telephone.

On-Premise Solutions
Mass Notification
UCaaS Solutions
CCaaS Center
Online Solutions
Instant Messaging
Today’s businesses are built on complex networks of voice, data, messaging, video, and desktop sharing applications. We leverage our experienced engineering team to take a structured approach to designing and implementing the business telephone and unified communication system whether it is...

On-Prem or Cloud-based (UCaaS).

GBS works with MItel to ensure our customers can communicate how they want, when they want, and from wherever they are, simply and easily.

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