Network cabling is an essential part of any company’s technological layout. In an effort to provide our clients with all of their technology needs, GBS provides cabling solutions for all of your infrastructure requirements.

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Without a properly installed cabling infrastructure, your network will not run at maximum capacity. Our fully trained and certified cabling specialists can assess your needs and provide a solution that will work  for you and make your business as efficient as possible.

With GBS, your network infrastructure is of the utmost importance to ensuring the greatest output from your employees and the largest return on your investment. No job is too small or too large. From single network drops to connecting multiple sites, we have cabling specialists available to help you follow all standards and codes to ensure a successful project.

GBS strives to offer any solution you may require. We will advise you of the best solution for your business, not just a standard out-of-the-box solution, but customized to fill all of your requirements. We ensure you have the right solution, the first time. 

Success Stories

ARK Encounter

THE CHALLENGE:   The Ark is a rare and completely original building.  No pathways existed in the building design for the network, camera system, access control and AV systems.  Cabling and end devices needed to be invisible to the guests.  All pathways had to be carefully thought out and worked through.

GBS SOLUTION:   Design a complete cabling infrastructure with; extremely intricate cable pathways, 24 IT rooms (racks, cabinets, ladder tray, HVAC, gas fire suppression system), optical backbones/splice points, access control system, and a CCTV system (consisting of over 250 cameras) serving multiple buildings and outdoor areas.

VALUE DERIVED:  GBS was able to provide a complete design and perform the installation for this project.  Having a single source capable of the complete design/install process was a great resource for the ARK Encounter.  Not only was a single source extremely helpful from a time standpoint, it was a huge cost saver.

Retirement Community in N.KY. & Cincinnati

THE CHALLENGEOur client had an outdated cabling infrastructure design that included multiple wall mount rack locations throughout each of their facilities. GBS was brought in after the design work on their new building was complete.  The GBS Cabling team had to find a way to deliver the client an updated infrastructure that would serve the facility well into the future, however, adhering to the original design was not a feasible option. The major driver for this re-design was port density in the switches. They were under-utilizing their switches due to the spread out nature of the infrastructure.

 GBS SOLUTION:   Design a new cabling infrastructure layout that serves the entire facility from one centralized location.

 VALUE DERIVEDThrough the new cabling infrastructure design, GBS was able to serve the entire facility from one centrally located, all-encompassing IT room. Switch port utilization was maximized and the total number of switches was minimized.  HVAC and Fire Suppression requirements were also minimized to a single location.  Overall costs of initial installation, as well as future maintenance and upkeep costs were greatly reduced. The GBS designed infrastructure now serves as the signature design for all facilities across the company going forward.

Jet Engine Global Manufacturer

THE CHALLENGE:   GE needed to update a row of old cabinets containing over 6000 live strands of optical cable with new cabinets without causing any downtime.

GBS SOLUTION:   GBS custom designed/built a wood structure that could be positioned in front of a cabinet and connected to the rails of the cabinet.  Once in place, the old cabinet could be cut away in sections while the optical enclosures and patch cords remained in place.  Then the new cabinet was built around the optical enclosures and each enclosure could be moved to the new cabinet rails one at a time

VALUE DERIVED:  GE had been stuck in a really bad spot with thousands of client circuits overloading the capabilities of older cabinets.  GBS was able to design and implement a cost-effective solution to resolve the issue.  Not a single circuit was dropped during the project and GBS went on to be the main provider for both local data centers.