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Cabling For All of Your Infrastructure Requirements

GBS is an IT-based company with a fully integrated cabling division. We are unique because we have certified experts across all technology disciplines including BICSI-certified cabling specialists.

Certified Cabling Specialists

The foundation of all network infrastructures run through copper and fiber optic wiring. Poorly installed, outdated wiring degrades and slows down network performance. Over time the cost in lost productivity continues to accrue. The GBS team of BICSI-certified cabling specialists have the training, equipment and experience that will maximize your return for every dollar invested in cabling infrastructure.

No job is too small or too large for our team. From single network drops to connecting multiple sites with copper or fiber optic cabling, our specialists follow all standards and codes, ensuring optimized network performance.

Our Work

As a fully-integrated technology solutions provider, GBS has the capabilities to design, deploy, and manage any solution you may require. Our team of experts will listen to your needs and recommend the best solution for your organization.

Cabling Infrastructure

The wires connecting your systems serve as your company’s nerve network. Planning and installing to the highest standards is a critical component of network optimization. GBS and our team of BICSI-certified installers have over a century combined experience, ensuring your cabling infrastructure delivers the foundation for system reliability and planned expansion.

Data Center Design & Build

Proper Data Center design begins early with thorough planning. System-wide complexities dictate that multiple contractors work collaboratively and within budgetary constraints before reaching a final design. GBS professionals will design, build and maintain your data center.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Suspect trouble with your fiber optic cabling – or – planning a new fiber project? GBS has CORNING-certified fiber optic professionals to diagnose/resolve or design/install. As VoIP, streaming video, IP cameras, A/V, and WI-FI systems are added to your network, selecting the correct fiber optic backbone is critical for continued scalability. GBS will work with you to develop the right solution.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing environments often experience temperature, humidity, vibration and corrosive material extremes that exceed the ranges for standard IT equipment. GBS Industrial Ethernet experts can specify and install the optimal mix of heavy-duty copper or fiber cabling with sealed connections and high-temperature switches.

Building Automation

Structured cabling powers devices that open garage doors, run security cameras, fire alarms, window shades, heating ventilation, lighting, electronic door openers, air conditioning and other controls. GBS has many years of experience working with these systems in commercial manufacturing and office environments.

Outside Plant Solutions

External wiring to the building is known as Outside Plant Cabling. This wiring supports telephone/data transfer, live video, security, building automation control systems, and any other low voltage circuitry. GBS Cabling experts can ensure your cabling is sound and compliant to NEC, NESC, utility, and local codes.