Vertical Market Technologies

Our vertical market technologies serve a variety of institutions across many industries. No matter the market or industry your organization serves, GBS is your fully-integrated technology solution service provider. That’s how we serve you. We serve you by being the leading, only fully-integrated technology solutions provider with full-service capabilities and deep competency in all IT-centric technologies. GBS technology solution disciplines include:

For over 25 years, GBS has been serving the integrated technology needs of our clients – no matter the technology solution or challenge. GBS exists to solve the challenges organizations experience by designing, deploying and managing leading-edge IT-based technologies.

In fact, GBS is the only regional technology solutions provider who can serve your organization’s technology needs whatever they may be.

Commercial Real Estate

Where and how work gets accomplished is always evolving, and technology is playing an ever-increasing role in those changes. These changes in the work environment, are directly impacting commercial realtors and the office environments they create and manage.

GBS is helping our commercial clients to redefine the core building technologies and wiring infrastructure necessary to make their office spaces attractive for new and existing tenants. The Bottom-Line – trust the business technology solutions experts to help you create a human-centered approach that leverages technology to optimize every business interaction – whether in-person, or virtually connected.


From corporate headquarters to boutique businesses, we work with you to secure the most powerful technology to advance your operations, including secure networks, state-of-the-art conference rooms and collaboration solutions, and striking digital signage.


Delivering exceptional patient care is deeply rooted in technology. Our fiber-optic cabling powers world-class medical centers across the Tri-State area. Conferencing solutions allow onsite and remote medical providers to work collaboratively on diagnostics and treatment plans. Our advanced simulation labs create an environment that best educates the next generation of healthcare providers.

Higher Education

On campus and online. Wherever students learn, we make it possible through secure networks, safe campuses and enhanced audiovisual experiences.


Behind every incredible school are safe classrooms and connected learning experiences. We equip schools with powerful networks, unified security, rapid communication and immersive audiovisual technology.

Local Government

Government infrastructure requires absolute security. We design the on-premise surveillance systems and the cybersecurity fabric for essential institutions. Our state and local communities are enhanced by civic institutions and immersive museums, made possible through creative multimedia solutions.