Why Global Business Solutions

Global Business Solutions accelerates business results by designing, installing, and managing the technologies that form the foundation of all businesses. At Global Business Solutions (GBS), our approach and mission are singularly focused – we leverage technologies to accelerate the business results for our clients. It’s that simple. We serve our clients by solving their challenges through the implementation of a suite of technologies that are both business viable and technically sound.

Every team member at GBS – every cabling specialist, every engineer, every service desk technician is passionate about solving problems and making a difference through high-performance technologies. We are true partners with our clients, and have earned the trust of many clients since 1995. Over these years, we have come to understand that clients employ our resources to deliver one thing: VALUE. And we are able to deliver because we possess more integrated technical knowledge than any other MSP in the region.

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What Makes GBS Uniquely Qualified

1. Knowledge

No other provider has the depth of knowledge, experience, and resources across the IT and digital landscape. Because of our depth of knowledge, we are leaders in developing innovative solutions to even the most technically challenging business problems. At GBS we don’t fail – we arm your business with the tools to improve your efficiency, and your employees’ productivity.

Starting as one of the first to offer Managed IT Services in the Greater Cincinnati/Tristate region today – delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions:

  • Managed Services
  • IT
  • Voice
  • Physical Security
  • AVIT
  • Cabling
GBS Service Desk

This suite of high-performance solutions makes GBS the only Managed Service Provider in the market that can deliver truly integrated solutions across all technologies. Other MSPs offer IT services only. Because of our depth of technical know-how across the IT and digital landscape, we’re so much more than just world-class IT. GBS is the only technology partner you need.

2. One Fully-Integrated Technology Solution Provider

All technology today is IP-based. Therefore, you need a partner who has deep knowledge of Information Technology and how it all integrates together. That partner must also know how to keep your network secure by reducing the likelihood of security breaches due to malware, misconfiguration, open ports on firewalls, or rogue wireless access points. GBS understands that every network connected device – or an IoT device such as a vending machine, HVAC system, vehicle sensor, elevator, etc. – they all need securing. Our decades of experience designing, installing, and maintaining all technology platforms gives us the expertise to deliver the best return on your technology investment. Here are some advantages of having one technology provider on your side.

  • One-Call: With one call, GBS ensures your issues will be addressed. It virtually eliminates the “blame-game” we often see amongst multiple providers.
  • One Managed Service Agreement: One Managed Service agreement gives you the confidence that no matter what happens, you’re covered and issues will be resolved.
  • Engineering Experts: The GBS team of engineers each possess deep knowledge across multiple platforms. Therefore, complex problems are remedied in a fraction of the time it takes multiple technology providers.

3. People - A Cut Above

Through the years, we’ve learned that we’re pretty discerning about who qualifies to become and stay a GBS team member. And because several of our top engineers have been with us for 15+ years, we know we have the right people with the skills, demeanor, and values that make our team superior.

Our team is trained to serve clients. Many come from diverse backgrounds and possess diverse skills but one thing is consistent across all GBS team members – our clients’ business comes first. We place achieving your goals, delivering you real value before our business. Why? Because we know that if we don’t deliver, we won’t be invited back.

Not only are our team members skilled and hold multiple industry certifications, but we’re strongly civic minded. We’re active contributors to the fabric that creates a thriving Greater Cincinnati community. With members currently serving in the military, serving on multiple community and school boards, and volunteering their time to help the underprivileged. We believe our team represents the caliber of people you’ll want to call your partner.

4. Passion to Partner - Passion to Solve

First, we listen to your desired end-state, your goals. We take the time necessary to understand the complete environment. Only when we fully understand the scope and complexities will we begin to design an innovative solution that solves the dilemma.

Our passion for the process of getting to a cost-effective solution with our clients is one the primary reasons why we’ve retained so many clients over these two-plus decades. Through the value we deliver and the service we provide every day, our clients have the confidence and trust in their partner – GBS.

Challenge your IT-only provider to:

  • Demonstrate how they diagnose and remedy complicated issues that involve multiple technologies?
  • Provide proof that your cabling infrastructure is not experiencing issues like “cross-talk” that negatively impact your network performance.
  • Demonstrate their ability to manage programming complexities that arise from poor data prioritization when multiple technologies like telephony, software applications, data, and audio/video all converge on one network.
  • Explain how Internet of Things (IoT) appliances jeopardize security and how they will manage the increased cyber-risk.
GBS Engineers

Challenge your current provider to present a robust and secure design of a hybrid on-premise/cloud solution that spans the digital landscape from VoIP, SaaS to HaaS to DaaS, Paas, Maas, IaaS to Unified Communications and Video.

We challenge you, because we are confident that no other provider can deliver these integrated solutions.

Global Business Solutions is Your One Solution Provider for All Your Business Technology Needs.