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Voice Solutions

Today, every organization requires voice solutions that connect all team members and serves clients near and far. Effective business voice solutions unify your communication tools and link them to core business processes. The days are gone where that system is simply a telephone.

Today’s businesses are built on complex networks of voice, data, messaging, video, and desktop sharing applications. We leverage our experienced engineering team to take a structured approach to designing and implementing the business voice and unified communication system whether it is on-premise or cloud-based.

Voice Technologies to Help Employees Do Their Jobs More Effectively

GBS works with the world’s top voice solutions providers to ensure our customers can communicate how they want, when they want, and from wherever they are – simply and easily.

Our World-Class Voice Partners

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UCaaS/CCaaS Break-Out Panel

AI – Does It Replace or Does It Enhance?

Top UCaaS & CCaaS experts discuss the impact today’s unified solutions have on helping organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences.


With many cloud-based options, organizations from the smallest to the largest now have access to the most comprehensive set of phone-based voice and collaboration features ever.

Have you given UCaaS a look? We recommend you do.

GBS partners with the world’s leading voice providers. However, we are not blindly loyal to any provider. Our technical staff deeply understands the landscape and will uncover the features and functions your organization needs. Then, we will present the UCaaS options that deliver optimized value.

On-Premise Voice

A GBS on-premise voice solution works like a traditional phone with the ability to conference call, transfer, and dial-by-extension. But now, through our partnership with 8×8, every on-premise phone includes instant messaging, audio & web conferencing, video calling, and web desktop sharing. These features are built-in and will revolutionize your workforce productivity.


Don’t have Fortune 500 resources, but want to deliver each client stellar support? GBS has the CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) voice solution that integrates IP telephony with business intelligence tools like CRM, call history, universal queuing, and optimized call routing.

With CCaaS from GBS, your client support team will have the tools they need to exceed your clients’ expectations – every time.


Does your current voice system give you one easy to use interface for all employees? Can you use the most common collaboration tools like – instant messaging, web/voice conferencing? If your business is like most others, your legacy infrastructure is not unified, not optimized. GBS can help.

Instant Messaging

Integrated ability to send a text message to a co-worker while on the phone – minimizes phone interruptions.

Mass Notification

Every business, school, and government agency no matter its size needs the capability to communicate across their organization at a moment’s notice. Inclement weather notifications and emergency messaging of any type including enhanced 911 applications help keep your employees safe.

Voice Scalability

A GBS voice solution is easy to scale based on company size. You only purchase the number of users and enhanced applications you need. With GBS, your phone system will be done right the first time.