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Success Stories


THE CHALLENGE: Aerohive Wireless Network

GBS SOLUTION/VALUE: We’ve been using Aerohive now for over one year. This was our very first managed wireless network and it went really well. The devices are well built and contained all of the features we needed. Including an easy to manage Hive Manager Portal, great performance, and very robust WAPs.

In the early stages of this project we were able to see a heat map and how the coverage analysis. This was a great value add to our project hence our first install of wireless. Our goal was to have a quality product and solution in place that we knew would last for many years. GBS assisted us in deploying seven (7) WAP’s which resulted in 100% coverage for our building. We went from a non-wireless dependent company to relying on it every day. It has allowed ATECH to add solutions that we may not have been able to do in the past.

This couldn’t have been done without the great support from GBS. Gina, Chris, and everyone at GBS are always eager to help, answer any questions, and willing to assist ATECH training. The professionalism and awesome support from GBS can’t be beat.
This has resulted in ATECH returning to GBS for numerous additional projects.

A Cincinnati-based Global Creative Agency

THE CHALLENGE: What began as a routine IT project, turned into another shining example of how GBS IT experts deliver proactive support and valued solutions. Our client is one of our Managed IT Services clients, and as part of routine maintenance GBS engineers recognized the need to add port density in two separate switch stacks which are linked together via uplinks. While adding a switch to each stack, faults on the main stack were discovered. A bad stacking module on a switch was the culprit. We were aware that the faulty stacking module was under warranty –  returned it and installed the new module. However, this remedy did not eliminate all system faults. Another switch had a bad Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) module, this particular module in the switch that went out was feeding the first block of 12 ports where all servers were running – and servers don’t require POE modules therefore the issue went unnoticed. This symptom indicated that it was just a matter of time before other parts of the switch began to fail causing an interruption in service and an impact to the business.

GBS SOLUTION: The GBS engineer prevented any network disruption by quickly diagnosing the problems and remedied them with minimal client expense. In this case, the diagnostic network knowledge was the real solution, however, the strength of relationship we have with our IT vendors helped minimize turn-around time for switches under warranty.

VALUE DERIVED: Ponder this – what would have happened if GBS engineers hadn’t been called? Well that’s subjective, but we do know this trickle-down impact of faulty switches and POE modules. As switches fail, available free ports begin to disappear, and if all ports are occupied a business must make hard choices as to what software, what network functionality they want to eliminate…not a very popular, nor business viable option. Additionally, a real potential exists for complete network failure. GBS doesn’t know when or if Barefoot’s network would have been truly jeopardized, but we were able to prevent any degradation of network services for minimal expense.

Harry Grau and Sons, Inc.

THE CHALLENGE: Grau needed a more efficient system that allowed enhanced communication, and ability to deliver important files (Invoices, Inspection Reports, Schedules, Certifications) to vendors and customers.

GBS Solution: GBS used WordPress plugins that allowed them to upload files, and to setup secure accounts for their customers to login and download files.

VALUE-DERIVED: Gave Harry Grau and Sons time and money saving solution to deliver important documents to their customers.

DE Vroomen Garden Products

THE CHALLENGE: DE Vroomen, a world-wide, leading provider of quality flower bulbs to the Landscape, Retail and Garden Center industry was acquired by a local firm.  With DE Vroomen headquarters based in The Netherlands, the new owner asked GBS to consolidate and migrate the entire network – all servers, including every piece of data from The Netherlands to its new offices here in Greater Cincinnati.

GBS SOLUTION:GBS traveled to The Netherlands to manage all aspects of the network migration. Once in Europe, GBS knew it needed a clear picture of DE Vroomen’s existing network infrastructure. GBS then conducted an intensive series of meetings with the existing administration, their technology partners and all stakeholders. Armed with a thorough understanding of its infrastructure and access to the network, GBS went to work. First, the GBS Europe team of 1, created a back-up of all data and images of the physical servers.

Simultaneous to the work in Europe, GBS engineers were here preparing to receive the external hard-drive housing all De Vroomen company data.
Team GBS US was up to the challenge. Over one weekend, our engineers restored all data and server images, creating a virtual server landscape. The additional challenge wasn’t the technical aspects, nor the weekend deployment mandate – it was the language barrier. All servers were, of course, in the Dutch language. So, GBS engineers used their vast knowledge of server setup to overcome the language barrier and executed flawlessly.

VALUE DERIVED: Our client had the confidence and trust in GBS to send us unaccompanied to Europe to coordinate and execute the migration. At GBS, we believe the trust and confidence bestowed upon us is the highest compliment we could have been paid. And as a lasting testament to the quality of our work, the virtual server landscape built during that weekend in 2009, remain in operation today.

Grote Enterprises, LLC

THE CHALLENGE:  Migrate on-premise Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

GBS SOLUTION: GBS migrated and deployed Microsoft Office 365 for 300+ end users

VALUE DERIVED:  This innovative solution added much value to the Grote Enterprise (listed below):

  • Exchange licensing (nightmare) essentially went away; corporate savings of slightly over 20%
  • Grote IT reduced the number of HW servers which decreased helpdesk incidents by 30-40%
  • Office 365 is seamless with existing corporate software programs including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher and PowerPoint
  • Grote now has “Anytime, Anywhere Access” which increased efficiencies 50%
  • Easily communicate and collaborate inside and outside Grote Corporate
  • Pay-as-you-go model, provides procurement predictability and flexibility to Grote Corporate
  • Simple to learn; straightforward for all staff
  • Financially-backed uptime guarantee at 99.9%
  • Grote increased IT safety and security

Rest Haven

THE CHALLENGE: Rest Haven Cemetery owned a custom-built application which ran only on Windows XP machines. Additionally, several critical websites and cloud-based software programs the business regularly used required an updated version of Internet Explorer to be installed. However, the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE) was incompatible with Windows XP.

GBS SOLUTION: GBS deployed a Citrix server, as well as the latest updates and patches to IE. By publishing Internet Explorer as an application from Citrix to the client workstations, the IE icon presented itself as the client expected. Upon double-clicking the IE icon, it automatically logged into the Citrix server and launched IE from the server – not from the workstation.

VALUE DERIVED: This innovative solution delivered three primary benefits:
1. Saved our client tens of thousands of dollars by preventing the need to invest in new PC’s.
2. Prevented further investment of time and money to update or replace the proprietary application.
3. Kept Rest Haven Cemetery secure by eliminating the possibility of employees accessing the internet without using IE and its automatic log-in to the secured Citrix Server.

The GBS solution remains intact today.

Fitzgerald Pharmacy

THE CHALLENGE: Reliable, uninterrupted Internet connectivity is a mission critical component of any pharmacy’s infrastructure. Constant communication with pharmaceutical-specific cloud-based apps, insurance companies, doctors’ offices and daily end-of-day records transmissions are part of everyday business.

As a pharmacy group with 5 Cincinnati locations, Fitzgerald’s infrastructure houses an active directory server at its main pharmacy. The satellite locations do not have an on-site active directory server. As a result, when the connection with the main site went down, active directory DNS resolution was impossible – effectively shutting down the Internet at all five locations.

GBS SOLUTION: GBS set up a second domain controller in a cloud environment so that when HQ lost connectivity or VPN tunnels weren’t accessible, each remote location could query DNS from the cloud-based domain controller. Additionally, the solution enabled each satellite sites to maintain connection with the server for end-of-day batch transaction data to pass.

VALUE DERIVED: What began as a challenge in internet reliability quickly turned into a significant cost savings and convenience fix. This out-of-the-box solution saved Fitzgerald Pharmacy the cost to purchase, configure, install, and maintain 4 additional servers. The cloud environment is a reliable at comes at a fraction of the cost.