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Global Business Solutions, Inc.

Why Global Business Solutions?

Knowledge: No other provider has the depth of knowledge, experience and resources across the IT and Digital Landscape like that of Global Business Solutions.

Because of our depth of knowledge, we are leaders in designing, deploying and maintaining a comprehensive suite of technologies used to accelerate the performance of our clients. Our engineers develop innovative solutions to even the most technically challenging business problems. At GBS, we arm your business with the technologies to improve your efficiency, and your employees’ productivity. We are Greater Cincinnati's Business Technology Provider.

Products & Services

Managed Services

The successful deployment of technologies across the IT & Digital landscape is an undeniable linchpin in your company’s successes or failures. So, if your core business is not managing your technology infrastructure, then you should consider a Managed Service agreement with a leader in IT and Audio/Video support services. Global Business Solutions engineers will partner with you to customize the suite of Managed Services that fit your needs.

IT Solutions

Trust and reliability are Global Business Solutions cornerstones. Every GBS-designed IT infrastructure is optimized to be secure, stable and reliable. Our IT experts know the ideal IT environment, and will help create an optimized infrastructure. With a range of comprehensive solutions that secure your network and ensure you have the equipment, applications and support your organization needs to thrive.

Telephony Solutions

Telephony is the integration of communication technologies to help employees do their jobs more effectively. With an effective telephony plan, communication tools are tied to core processes and applications. These systems tie your organization to clients, prospects and stakeholders in ways that maximize efficiency and productivity. Gone are the days where that system is simply a telephone.

Audio/Video Solutions

The world of Audio/Video integration is rapidly changing. The convergence of IT and AV is already here – and most AV companies don’t understand the world of AV over IP interoperability. But we do.
So, no matter the size or complexity of the experience you want to create for your employees, guests and clients, Global Business Solutions Audio/Video experts know how to turn the complex into user simplicity.

Cabling Solutions

In the IT and A/V world, structured cabling is synonymous to your building’s foundation, it is the basis upon which the technology is built. Without a solid foundation, even the best planned, best executed IT and AV network will experience some form of sub-optimization. If you are not familiar with the impact of Amplitude Modulation, Backscattering or Cross-Talk– Global Business Solutions Cabling experts can help.

Global Business Solutions (GBS) turns technology into your competitive advantage. We solve business problems by deploying high-performance technologies. At GBS, accelerating your business is our singular mission, and has been since 1995. We brought Managed IT Services to Greater Cincinnati, and have been expanding our suite of solutions ever since.

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