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Barracuda Total Email Protection for Office 365

Protect your business from email-borne threats with world’s most comprehensive email protection – made radically easy. With Barracuda Total Email Security, you get data protection and gateway security that provide the industry’s best layered defense for Office 365 against email attacks, fraud, account takeover and brand hijacking.

Barracuda Total Email Security brings you a complete email security portfolio in a single bundle. Total Email Protection includes Barracuda Essentials, Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response, Barracuda PhishLine, and Barracuda Sentinel.

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Do You Know What Cyber Threats Are Hiding Inside Your Network?

Hidden threats within your network and email can and may come back to bite. This panel of industry-leading experts will dig into the necessary protections.

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13 Email Threat Types to Know About Right Now

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Barracuda Essentials

Modern attacks are rapidly growing in volume and sophistication—and 91 percent start with a targeted email attack. Barracuda Essentials is a cloud-based security solution designed to protect against spam, phishing, malware, ransomware, and other targeted email threats. It combines heuristic, behavioral, and sandboxing technologies to detect advanced, zero-day attacks.

Stop Advanced Threats

Protect your users and business from volumetric threats like malware and spam, as well advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and ransomware.

Stay Compliant and Productive

Barracuda's tamper-proof archiving ensures compliance with email retention policies. Email continuity ensures delivery of emails in the event of a mail server interruption.

Keep Your Data Safe

Protect your data from corruption and deletion with full cloud backup and recovery of every email and file. Keep sensitive data safe with data leak prevention and encryption.

Protect your business from email-borne cyber threats

Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response

Slow, inefficient, manual incident response processes give attacks time to spread further in your network. Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response automates incident response and provides remediation options to quickly and efficiently address attacks. Easily send alerts, remove malicious emails, and usethreat insights to stop the spread of malicious threats.

Slash Time Detection Remediation

Respond to attacks and stop the damage in minutes, with powerful delivered-email search and rapid deletion from all inboxes.

Prevent Future Attacks

Identify anomalies that may indicate threats, based on insights gathered from analysis of previously delivered email.

Identify Security Threats

Use intelligence gathered from previous threat responses to block future emails from malicious actors, and to identify your most vulnerable users.

Respond faster to email attacks

Barracuda PhishLine

Some attacks will land in users’ inboxes. What happens next depends how well they’ve been trained. Barracuda PhishLine uses customized simulations with daily-updated content to transform your users into a powerful layer of defense, by dramatically boosting their ability to identify social-engineering attacks and respond appropriately.


Select from hundreds of real-world threat templates, taken directly from Barracuda’s massive threat database, and expose your users to the latest email threat types.


Receive detailed metrics on user behavior to assess your security risks and inform your training approach.


Choose from a large variety of engaging training content, designed to meet your unique awareness initiatives.

Fight security threats with user awareness training

Barracuda Sentinel

Losses from socially engineered email attacks are in the billions of dollars, and growing.

They typically impersonate a trusted third party, to trick users into giving away credentials, data, or money. Barracuda Sentinel detects and stops these costly attacks. It uses artificial intelligence to learn each user’s unique communication pattern, to identify malicious intent and flag fraud attempts.


Traditional email filters only filter incoming emails. Sentinel integrates directly into Office 365 to find threats inside your mail system that security gateways can’t see.


Sentinel learns your business’s unique communication patterns to detect personalized fraud in real-time to protect against business email compromise and account takeover.


Sentinel is truly a zero-administration tool. It works silently in the background to block fraudulent emails from reaching users with no impact on performance.

Get AI-based protection from phishing and account takeover

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