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As the geo-political turmoil continues, this post details the elevated risk alert and action guide for best cybersecurity practices.

Global Business Solutions, Inc. along with the US government recommends the following actions be immediately executed to harden your infrastructure against the increased level of threat.

Execute the following best practices today, or contact us to ensure your business and its data are insulated from these elevated risks:
– Implement multi-factor authentication.
– Deploy a layered security approach with tools like Managed Detection and Response, as well as 24/7 tracking and threat identification.
– Ensure patches are executed fully to protected against known vulnerabilities.
– Ensure passwords across your networks are changed and strong.
– Ensure data backups are robust, working and have off-site (air gap) vulnerability protections.
– Prepare for the Worst – proactively exercise and test the strength of defenses.
– Respond immediately to any and all perceived threats, and ensure you have the resources to manage activity logs and other threat reports.
– Encrypt your data so it cannot be accessed by only approved personnel.
– Educate your employees on how to identify suspicious efforts via email, social media, websites and mobile phone (sms/mms) to gain access to your organization’s email or network infrastructure.

Managed Services solution professionals, like GBS, are able to orchestrate and manage the totality of a multi-layered cyber security plan – a plan that can include Managed Detection and Response, as well as Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

For a no-cost consultation. Contact GBS Managed Services 859.491.5900 or https://www.gbs-inc.com/contact/

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