Remote Work

We all are experiencing challenges many of us have never previously encountered. As many organizations transition to working remotely, GBS has the technologies to optimize productivity, power collaboration, and take the steps necessary to be secure.


With many cloud-based options, organizations from the smallest to the largest now have access to the most comprehensive set of phone-based voice and collaboration features ever.

Have you given UCaaS a look? We recommend you do. GBS partners with the world’s leading providers. However, we are not blindly loyal to any provider. Our technical staff deeply understands the landscape and will uncover the features and functions your organization needs. Then, we will present the UCaaS options that deliver optimized value.


From a Human Resource and Business Continuity perspective, having fully-functioning Video & Audio Conferencing technologies at-the-ready is no longer a business luxury. The ability to interact remotely with co-workers at a moment’s notice is essential for making a flexible workplace – an effective workplace. No matter your organization’s size, it is a reality that real work must be accomplished whether at home or on company premises.

When your Conferencing Solutions must be right the first time – GBS has the experience and answers to help you choose and implement the right solution.

Cloud Services

As a leader in Cincinnati’s IT-landscape for the past 25 years, who better to trust to implement the remote work solutions your organization needs right now. With remote work our new normal for the foreseeable future, cloud-based technologies can be cost-effectively deployed to connect your organization and save money.

No matter the cloud service – Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud – their slick videos and online information make it sound simple. However, we know successful cloud migration is complex. GBS has the engineering expertise to ensure your company’s journey to cloud computing is thoroughly vetted, planned, and implemented.

Cloud computing is a quickly changing area that will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role for businesses of all sizes. But which elements of your IT infrastructure you should move into the cloud, and when, will vary from organization to organization. That’s why you need GBS. Our decades of experience and expertise can help your business save money and become a more efficient engine.

Live Streaming

Gain the ability to stream your live event, church service or corporate meeting. Many organizations have recently been left with the inability to communicate their message to their audiences. You don’t have to be out-of-business – live streaming will give you the ability to automatically distribute your message to most major social platforms. Let the business technology experts at GBS get you back “in-business” sooner than you might think.

Live Streaming your next Sunday service, company meeting or video blog is easier to execute than you may realize. Contact the GBS Audio/Video experts, we will help get you streaming your event live or on-demand. GBS Audio/Video technicians are at-the-ready to discuss your needs and quickly develop the solution needed to get and keep your services streaming live.

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