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UCaaS Solutions

Drive Incremental Productivity & Employee Satisfaction with Unified Communications as a Service

Organizations from the smallest to the largest now have access to the most comprehensive set of phone-based voice and collaboration features ever. Have you given UCaaS a look? We recommend you do. GBS partners with the world’s leading providers. However, we are not blindly loyal to any provider. Our technical staff deeply understands the landscape and will uncover the features and functions your organization needs. Then, we will present the UCaaS options that deliver optimized value.

Business Benefits

  • Immediate Cost Savings and Optimized Billing
  • Monthly Expense vs. Capital Expense with Premises-Based Solutions
  • Fast Implementation and Easy Upgrades
  • Flexible and Scalable to Meet Changing Needs
  • Efficient Collaboration
  • Enhanced Mobile and Remote User Experience
  • IT Staff can Prioritize Other Business Needs
  • Improved Customer Contact Experience
  • Seamless Third-Party Integrations (CRM, etc.)
  • Faster Problem Solving with Expert Tech Support

Platform Features


UCaaS means that your employees can get the same unified communication experience regardless of whether or logging in from a mobile device. Everyone gets the same interface, which boosts productivity.


UCaaS services are scalable to match the ebb and flow of the business. This flexibility provides your company the assurance its communication requirements are nimble. Add additional users in minutes, instead of days or weeks.


UCaaS provides business continuity because telecom traffic can be rerouted very quickly during a power outage, network outage or server failure. One missed call can equate to lost revenue, but UCaaS can reduce, and possibly eliminate, missed calls completely.

Reduced Expenses

Because they run in the cloud, UCaaaS solutions come with minimal capital expenditure. Customers frequently reduce operating costs because you don’t have to invest in on-site infrastructure, pay increased energy bills or configure onsite phone system hardware.

Simple Administration

UCaaS portals allow on-demand movement dictated by the client. Admin credentials authorize the ability to add modify, and delete users. It also allows the upgrading or downgrading of subscription needs. Since this is real time, the client does not have to call the provider for assistance.


UCaaS systems are all built on a software stack that can be integrated through API’s into your existing custom or packaged applications to improve end-user efficiency and your customer experience.

Why Work With Us

Today every organization, regardless of size or industry, has sophisticated communications tools at its core. These tools can often be expensive and complicated, requiring an upfront investment of capital and regular support staff. What if there was a way of achieving this same level of integration and collaboration but simpler, more flexible and more cost effective? UCaaS can help make this goal a reality using seamless integrations with business processes at a lower price-point than traditional premises based solutions.

  • 25 years’ experience designing and deploying business phone systems
  • Consultative, UCaaS partner who is vested in delivering the right solution at the right price with the features your operation demands
  • Vendor agnostic - Ideal Solution- Focused
  • With so many UCaaS options, GBS engineers have the tools to quickly analyze vendor differences, and will recommend the right solution
  • As an IT-centric solutions provider, we thoroughly understand your IT infrastructure and how UCaaS integrates with your current infrastructure
  • Expert post-implementation support, including customer service and escalations

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