Collaboration Preparedness

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“Across our client base, we’re seeing a trend that collaboration preparedness and a work-from-anywhere corporate culture is likely what the new norm will become for many organizations,” explains Gaby Batshoun, President & Founder of Global Business Solutions, Inc.

The essentials of communications have changed overnight. Forward-leaning technology executives are critically assessing and re-imagining a new world of work where communications naturally extend their digital workplace beyond the walls of the physical office.

Mr. Batshoun continues, “The WFH (work-from-home) phenomenon was clearly forced upon organizations in a very short time period, and most were reactionary. Although these solutions may be still be ‘operational’, without the proper configuration, security protocols and management – these WFH technologies greatly enhance security risks to all organizations.”

As the world’s businesses begin to adapt to this more flexible ‘work-from-anywhere culture’ it is absolutely essential to have a solution that enables communication and collaboration with no interruptions – but executed in a secure, proper manner.

In fact, studies have shown that video-enabled unified communication platforms (UCaaS) that work seamlessly with your organization’s audio-video platforms are critical to promote productivity whether working in the office or remotely. “Video allows us to see facial expressions and body language – providing valuable situational context which are crucial elements of clear collaboration,” explains Jay Gordan, GBS Audio-Video Division Manager.

To provide the most secure, industry-leading solutions, GBS chooses to partner with the leading brands in the UCaaS and A/V industries, including leaders – Mitel, 8×8 and RingCentral. A/V leading brands include Crestron, QSC and many others.

Need an intuitive, uninterrupted and secure ability to collaborate across your organization? With expert, experienced UCaaS and A/V solution specialists working together under one roof, GBS is uniquely qualified to ensure your in-office and work-from-anywhere communication collaboration system is seamless and properly prioritized and segmented on your network.

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