Returning Staff & Devices – A Phased Recommendation

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Returning Staff & Devices – A Phased Recommendation is a continuation of thought from the article “Securely Return Networked Devices to the Office”. This article offers GBS’ perspective and our recommendation on how to manage the risk and work-load placed on IT-related resources as your employees return to their workstations.

As businesses begin the process of returning staff to their desks, there is a seldom-considered pair of risks that come with returning staff. The risk level this poses is a low-level threat, however, it is yet another vector to the security of your network.

Your employees will be returning with company-issued devices that were sent home with the employee. These returning devices – whether a desktop, laptop, multiple monitors and even thumb drives, now have to be securely and properly reconnected to the organizations network.

GBS has been managing IT infrastructures for 25 years, and we’re highly aware that most organizations and their employees need varying levels of assistance to properly reconnect to the organization’s network. And in order to maximize productivity, the morning these staffers return is the time when they and the IT team require a block of dedicated time to properly manage the computer and electronic devices returning to the network.

To execute this process safely and securely takes a plan with strict adherence for reintroducing WFH devices. We know that it’s this immediacy of “need” that causes stress to the system, and that’s when shortcuts and over-sights are most likely to occur. It’s these break-downs in the process that can lead to major vulnerabilities to a network.

Immediately upon return, the computer should be quarantined, its software updated, and verified that the device is clean – only then, can it be properly reconnected to the network.

GBS Recommendation: We recommend a gradual, phased approach to reintroducing your employees and their devices back into the network.

What level of device phase-in does GBS recommend?
Answer: The number of devices and employees you decide to add per day or per week should be built with two primary considerations in mind:

1. The level of anticipated assistance needed by staffers, and

2. Capacity of IT staff and/or the availability of on-demand assistance by an a Managed IT Service provider

As businesses begin to reintegrate employees back into the office setting, GBS has recently experienced a significant increase in the number of inbound support requests for assistance in helping get our clients’ employees fully back up and running on the network.

GBS Service Desk technicians are at-the-ready to assist your staff to ensure they securely reconnect to your network. Service Desk Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST
Emergency Service Desk Support – Available 24-Hours/day

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