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Sector Specialists Since 1995

Since our start in 1995, GBS has designed, deployed and maintained the technology solutions industry leaders such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Verst Logistics, Shepherd Chemical Company and American Standard depend upon to drive their productivity. Our history supporting both segments is strong. 

Over these 25 years, we know the specific technologies your business depends on to run at peak efficiency. Below are the leading technologies GBS is implementing that are making a bottom-line difference for our Logistics and Manufacturing clients.

Technologies Making a Bottom-Line Impact

Is managing IT your core business? It is for us. Learn more how we combine a comprehensive set of IT solutions to proactive manage your network, supporting your employees system needs and ensure system uptime and dependability. Additionally, our technicians assess critical bandwidth to ensure it is suitable to support  online activities like video conferencing and live streaming.

Significantly higher levels of remote access to core network infrastructure increases the chances of bad actors being successful in breaching networks. GBS Managed Security Services will help insulate your operation from attack risks.

The predictive power and analytics offered by cutting-edge IoT solutions is making a dramatic difference in operations like yours. Talk with a GBS expert about how to leverage IoT technologies.

Solutions from advanced contact-less thermal image screening to simple, hand-held temporal thermometers.

Optimized meeting spaces ensure configuration and performance are adaptable to any conference scenario or style.

Allows internal or remote employees to collaborate and bolsters their ability to remain productive no matter where real work happens.

Change in manufacturing line configurations, office movements and footprint changes of any kind require cabling to be added or rerouted. GBS has a dedicated cabling division with BICSI-certified cabling specialists. Check out what we’ve accomplished for others.

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