Advantages of Unified Security Systems

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Advantages of unified security systems are felt long after installation, and unlock valuable, often unanticipated benefits. Truly unified security systems unlock long-term value and advantages.

Moving to a unified security solution can make all the difference in helping you achieve enhanced long-term value. Unified Security Systems give you the flexibility to build and evolve your physical security operations, one component at a time. Choosing an open-architecture platform ensures you can adopt new technologies and hardware as your business and security needs change.

All systems are managed from a common infrastructure, making system functionality consistent across all your tasks. This equates to simpler, less expensive system additions, and hardware, software upgrades.

Advantages of Unified Security Systems

1. Unified Security – When is the right time

When selecting a security solution a key question to answer is, “How will the system adapt to my business needs in the future?”. A unified physical security platform will fulfill today’s requirements while ensuring easier and more efficient opportunities for growth tomorrow. 

2. System Designed to evolve?

Already invested in a core access control or video surveillance systems? And now you want to connect more systems to the platform? At this stage, so much depends on your system’s ability to make connections with other vendor solutions. And this is where integrated systems struggle.  

Custom integrations are very costly and difficult to maintain. In fact, adding new technologies, whether software or hardware, is not always possible. In fact, integrated-only systems, force organizations to accept limitations or replace the entire system.

3. Data Centralization

Centralized data gives system operators more data, quicker and with greater insights. For example, standardized reporting, and consolidated reporting delivers the bird’s-eye view of your environment. Gone are the days of searching through different systems or sensors to find the information you need.

Even during a live incident, data flows freely between systems, giving your operators the full picture. This results in decreased response times and quicker results. And we all know, time = money. Within the unified platform, automated response protocols and other security-related workflows help minimize overload and increases productivity.

Unified Security System – Additional Advantages

  • Central management console allows data to feed into the same user-friendly interface – ensuring operators can view alarms and access all information easily
  • Complete compatibility is a constant. 
  • Allow 900+ integrations and third-party add-ons
  • A single platform delivers intuitive operations, simple upgrades, and streamlined maintenance

Integrated System Inferiority

Integrated-only systems limit synergies between systems. This limits easy access and the ability to manage all data from one source. The result equates to productivity loss, increased operator stress, and weaker security.

4. Truly Unified Security = Greater Return on Investment 

A unified security system delivers enhanced returns. Unified systems give you the enhanced performance that allows you to reap results not previously possible. The data collected will provide powerful sights into your operations that translate into efficiencies that save time, money and enhance security.

To reiterate, an integrated-only system limits new technology integration. The result – your organization will likely not experience the enhanced return-on-investment gained with a unified platform.

A unified system allows you to uncover key insights and improve business operations. Harnessing the power of centralized data makes it possible to transform raw information into invaluable intelligence. With newly acquired intelligence, your organization will identify new business opportunities, and get more value from your system over time.

GBS Physical Security and Genetec – Partners in Unified Security
Our physical security solutions division is proud to partner with Genetec, the leader in unified physical security solutions. Together, we design, install and manage security solution unification. Our team ensures every system optimizes the results your organization will gain. Our technical experts, partner with Genetec to leverage their industry-leading video, access control and unified security platforms.

Want to learn more about the benefits a unified security systems will deliver to your organization? Contact GBS Physical Security division at 859.491.5900 or for a no-cost security assessment.

*Excerpted from a Genetec blog post.

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