Wireless Presentation Systems – 5 Benefits

Wireless Presentation 5 Benefits

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Wireless Presentation capabilities are essential for efficient, highly effective presentations. Below are the 5 benefits your organization will experience by adding wireless presentation capabilities to your meeting spaces.

A Real-World Scenario – When Wireless Presentation Capabilities Aren’t Available

You have a high-profile presentation to internal stakeholders, you’ve developed PowerPoint slides and it’s 5 minutes before the meeting. You’ve triple checked your presentation and you’re ready to roll. You get to the conference room and the HDMI cable that was once hanging there is gone. In an instant your disposition instantly changes from positive (I’m ready to wow the audience) – to negative in an instant.

Don’t let the absence of a simple, economically priced audio/video option like a Wireless Presentation System continue to cause you and your staff pre-presentation anxiety.  

Of course, a dangling HDMI cable and a quagmire of messy cables are an unsightly distraction from any conference room, but when they contribute to diminished productivity and what may appear as a lack of preparation, professionalism – it’s no joking matter.

What’s also no joking matter, is the number of choices on the market. With so many choices and a variety of functionalities – it’s a complicated decision-making process. Identifying the right solution for your organization is challenging, but GBS AVIT will listen to your needs, and recommend the ideal wireless presentation technology. With a properly selected system, partnered with quality installation wireless presentation technology will give your organization the ability to instantly enable an easy to use collaboration environment. With it at-the-ready, your corporate guests can bring their devices from home (BYOD) and enjoy the ability to seamlessly use your existing AV infrastructure. And just think how buttoned-up your board room will look with no visible cables.

5 Benefits of Wireless Presentation Systems
1. Optimize Presentations via Team Collaboration
– Most systems allow multiple people to connect at the same time – giving team members the ability to work together to resolve a task versus the typical presentation delivered from 1 to many.

2. Improve Perceptions from Visitors & Employees
– We all know how true the adage is: “Perception is Reality”. Every day your employees, and guests are constantly making judgements about the services you provide, and the quality of your organization. Don’t allow a dangling HDMI cord to impact a visitor’s perception – it’s just not worth the risk. Investing a few more dollars in a wireless presentation system will help ensure perceptions are positive.

3. Free up Meeting Rooms
– Conference and Board Rooms constantly over-booked? By adding Wireless Presentation your C-Suite will love the ability to host meetings instantly in their offices when a wireless presentation system is paired with a large format monitor/screen.

4. Ability to Focus on Content, not AV System Connectivity
– A wireless presentation system connects to the AV system automatically. Instead of adding complexity everyone in the organization will be ready to present, ready to collaborate. GBS prefers wireless presentations systems that allow the presenter the ability to add individuals not within the meeting room to be an active participant in the presentation – further reinforcing focus on content and collaboration.

5. Build better Collaboration – Wherever, Whenever
– Supporting your organization’s operations is a key to success. So, whether arming sales teams to be at-the-ready no matter where they are, or the need to provide a manufacturing design engineer with instant ability to share their designs is critical.

About GBS Audio Video

  • GBS has been successfully deploying full networked audio video systems with zero-latency for years. By understanding the latest in video compression, algorithm and bandwidth requirements, The result – fully distributed 1080p/4K with quality video that boasts a lower total cost of ownership.

GBS is a fully integrated technology solutions provider with our roots anchored in IT. At GBS we saw the convergence of digital technology years ago – even before the industry began distributing video over IP. Our AVIT team has multiple engineers with IT backgrounds who are now dedicated to AVIT systems. No traditional AV installer has the depth of network knowledge, AV-specific experience and structured wiring support within one company. GBS is the one solution provider for all your technology needs. GBS AVIT and Cabling Solutions are unrivaled in the Greater Cincinnati region. No one knows how to successfully execute networked AV better than GBS.

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