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GBS Managed Services adds Anchor, Datanchor’s SaaS platform, to further enhance data protection capabilities. GBS Managed Cyber Security solution along with Anchor delivers GBS clients complete control of their sensitive information.

Business owners and IT professionals know that information is an organizations most valuable asset. Traditional network-centric security alone fails to fully protect it. Anchor is a SaaS platform that provides zero trust capabilities to data on endpoints. Traditional IT controls alone fall short when protecting data, focusing mainly on devices like networks, servers, and laptops. Today, when sensitive information is shared or stolen it can be copied instantly anywhere in the world and abused. Bottom line – most organizations don’t fully control their data – their most valuable asset. Anchor is how organizations take it back.

Anchor is data-centric security. Simplified. Anchor ensures that your intellectual property and other sensitive information are never viewable or usable outside your organization, without your consent. And when you want to share or collaborate, Anchor empowers you to maintain control of your data, including forensic logging and revoking access, even when it leaves your organization.

In under 90 minutes, Anchor empowers your business users to further restrict access to data based on boundaries or business rules that they create. All without requiring to change existing IT controls or how your users/applications work today.

What Anchor Delivers:

Data Security – With Anchor it’s simple. Anchor encrypts data before it is saved to your computer or to the cloud. We protect the data itself because that’s what we really care about. Anchor strengthens and improves traditional data security while adding powerful new protections that adapt to the modern world.

Contact GBS to discuss how Managed Services with Anchor technology will deliver you complete control of your data.

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