GBS Managed Services adds Anchor

Technology That Changes Everything

GBS Managed Services adds Anchor, Datanchor’s SaaS platform, to further enhance data protection capabilities. GBS Managed Cyber Security solution along with Anchor delivers GBS clients complete control of their sensitive information. Business owners and IT professionals know that information is an organizations most valuable asset. Traditional network-centric security alone fails to fully protect it. Anchor […]

Networked Audio/Video – Signs You’re Ready

Networked Audio Video

Networked AV or AV over IP (Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol) are different monikers for the same technology. This technology delivers the ability to transmit audio, video, metadata, and control signals over your organization’s existing network cable infrastructure – this assumes a Cat6 cabling infrastructure (minimum) which supports 1 Gigabyte bandwidth. AV Standards Have Changed ALike […]

3 Ransomware Prevention Technologies

Three Ransomware Prevention Technologies

Three ransomware prevention technologies are key elements in the fight to reduce cyber risk, and the chances of being held for ransom. Everyone within the IT industry knows that a multi-layered defense is the best defense against any cyber attack. However, Aamir Lakhani with Fortinet reports a significant disparity among the responses and the actions […]

A Credential Harvesting Attack – How it was Detected & Stopped

As a proud Barracuda partner, GBS has adapted the original post, “Anatomy of a Sentinel Catch”, authored by Thorsten Stoeterau, Field Systems Engineer.

Within this post, Thorsten dissects a classic credential harvesting attack. He shows how an attack works, why it is so important to understand their anatomy, and how Barracuda Sentinel worked to detect and stop the attack. Sentinel is one of the key email protection solutions that is part of Barracuda’s Total Email Protection bundle.