3 Ransomware Prevention Technologies

Three Ransomware Prevention Technologies

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Three ransomware prevention technologies are key elements in the fight to reduce cyber risk, and the chances of being held for ransom. Everyone within the IT industry knows that a multi-layered defense is the best defense against any cyber attack. However, Aamir Lakhani with Fortinet reports a significant disparity among the responses and the actions of cyber security practitioners published in a recent FortiGuard Labs survey.

With the explosion of ransomware and sophisticated email.-based spear phishing attacks – 3 Key Cyber Security protections are recommended:

1. Advanced Email Security (Secure Email Gateway):
Key Finding: “55 percent of survey respondents said phishing was the most common method used to gain access to their organizations. Yet, when asked which solutions were essential for securing against ransomware, only 33 percent of respondents selected Secure Email Gateway (SEG).”

2. Network Segmentation:
Key Finding: In the ransomware survey only 31 percent of respondents ranked segmentation as an essential tool in the fight against ransomware. This is surprising because almost all ransomware attacks move laterally across the network, looking for additional data to encrypt”.

3. Sandboxing:
Key Finding: “User entity and behavior analytics (UEBA) and sandboxing technologies are crucial in identifying intruders, compromised systems and new ransomware variants. But these too were relatively low on the list of tools deemed essential in the survey (30 percent and, surprisingly, 7 percent, respectively). You may already be running security technologies to help protect your organization from malicious code and help you separate good code from bad. However, like most organizations, you’re still at risk from the unknown. And that unknown gap in the code continuum can be significant”.

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