Advantages of Unified Security Systems

Advantages of unified security systems are felt long after installation, and unlock valuable, often unanticipated benefits. Truly unified security systems unlock long-term value and advantages. Moving to a unified security solution can make all the difference in helping you achieve enhanced long-term value. Unified Security Systems give you the flexibility to build and evolve your physical security operations, one component at a time. Choosing an open-architecture platform ensures you can

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Never Trust a Thumb Drive video

Cyber Alert: Never Trust a Thumb Drive

Cyber Alert: Never Trust a Thumb Drive addresses the recent scams and offers GBS cybersecurity best practices relating to thumb drive usage. Content and video courtesy of GBS cybersecurity partner, Arctic Wolf. GBS Recommendation: Never Use a Thumb Drive That Has Not Been Verified SCAM NEWS: The FBI recently reported that a thumb drive scam has succeeded in infecting several networks, which has led to terrible consequences for the infected

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Compare Zoom v Teams

Top Video Conference Solutions Compared – Zoom vs. Teams

“Top Video Conference Solutions Compared – Zoom vs. Teams” provides our AVIT perspective and comprehensive review of both communication platforms. Collaboration among your team is key to achieving great results. Now more than ever, enabling individuals to work across departments is a cornerstone of efficiency, and effectiveness. Huddle rooms, board rooms, individuals’ offices and sometimes our bed rooms (for those working remotely) are the places these leading video conferencing solutions

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Cabling Banner

Cabling Needs for Effective IT Networks

Cabling needs for effective IT networks require the proper wiring infrastructure managed by trained, experienced installation professionals. As a leading cabling infrastructure design and installation provider, GBS is sharing this overview of the cabling required for effective networking. Backbone cabling and horizontal cabling are two main cabling methods used in today’s structured cabling infrastructures. Since backbone cabling and horizontal cabling are different, the cables themselves are unique from each other.

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Disaster Recovery – Your Head Should be “In-The-Cloud”

Disaster Recovery – Your Head Should be “In-the-Cloud” introduces cloud-based solutions to restore mission-critical data. This article details the 7 Reasons and advantages your organization gains with a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. Global Business Solutions, Inc. and Zimcom, our cloud-based service partner have jointly developed a cost-effective, time saving solution that protects your critical data. Disaster Recovery is a set of tools and policies that helps restore mission-critical

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5 Cybersecurity Resolutions You Can Accomplish Today

5 cybersecurity resolutions you can accomplish today will help reduce the cyber risk your organization faces. And with January upon us, now is the perfect time to be proactive in reducing the risk for a data breach or system compromise.– Cheers to accomplishing these 5 resolutions today! Cross off your resolution list these 5 cybersecurity best practices! Close firewall management interfaces to the internet. It is very common to want to

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